About this site

About this site

Hello! My name is Jon Keegan and I'm an investigative data reporter with a background in visuals. While digging through government agencies' websites looking for data, I've always loved coming across data sets that are collections of images, videos or other unusual visual information.

So I've been collecting examples of these visual datasets, and I'll be posting them here at Beautiful Public Data. I will show you what I think is beautiful about them, explain what government agency collected this information, why they collected it and how it is used. Also I'll try to have some fun with how I present it.

If you know of any other cool visual information that your government collects, let me know (📫 beautifulpublicdata@gmail.com) and I’ll try to get a hold of it via public records requests where possible (like I did for the things you will see here).

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Thanks! 🖖🏻